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Montreux, 2055 Yukon St., Vancouver

Montreux’s neighbourhood is utterly unique. A refreshing blend of practical functionality and creative flair. Funky. Fascinating. A real working community like Soho and Tribeca, rich with the flavours of industry, moving to its own rhythms and passions. An entirely urban energy that stimulates and motivates. Inspiring a sense of freedom tempered by purpose. Now changing again to accommodate the new Olympic village. It’s the heart of the Montreux lifestyle; one that encourages creativity, originality and personality.

Whether you’re performing solo or in a duet, Montreux allows you the freedom to write your own score. Large one and one bedroom with den artist studio lofts are filled with light and space to work. Each home has its own bright studio area, along with access to a large central workroom where you can throw a pot or two (not literally) as well as a gallery area to show your work.